cotton candy sparkler cocktail
Prep time
Total time
Cotton Candy Sparkler Cocktails take just a couple of minutes to make, and they are delicious and so much fun! Serve with a cotton candy garnish for a cute twist.
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1
  • *for 1 cocktail*
  • 3 oz vodka
  • ½ tsp Amoretti Cotton Candy Flavoring
  • sparkling water, to top off
  • *for garnish*
  • pink sanding sugar
  • corn syrup
  • cotton candy
  1. First, prepare your cups. Dab corn syrup all around the edge of the glass, and roll in the pink sanding sugar.
  2. In a shaker bottle, mix the vodka and cotton candy flavoring and shake to combine. Pour into the glass, and top off with sparkling water.
  3. Garnish with cotton candy and enjoy!
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