triple chocolate cake pops
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Cake Pops & Truffles
Serves: 3 dozen
  • 1 chocolate cake (made from scratch or from a box mix)
  • 1-2 cups chocolate frosting (from scratch or from a can)
  • chocolate almond bark and chocolate chips (as needed)
  • sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts, etc. for decorating
  • extras: long lollipop sticks, mini cupcake wrappers
  1. Bake your cake according to directions, and let rest. Once cooled completely, use hands to crumble the whole cake into a large bowl.
  2. Using a spatula, add in some frosting. Start with about ⅓ cup, mix it in completely, and work your way up. DO NOT DUMP IN THE WHOLE CAN OF FROSTING. This will make the cake mix much too gooey to handle, and you will forever regret it. Just kidding, but you won't be able to make truffles!
  3. As you add in frosting, use a small cookie scoop to make a ball, and use your hands to roll it and smooth it out. If it stays together without cracking, you have enough frosting. If not, add a little more, and test again.
  4. Line two cookie sheets with wax paper, and place your cake balls on one as you make them.
  5. Leave a little space between them. Once all your cake has been made into balls, stick the cookie sheet in the freezer for at least 1 hour to ease dipping.
  6. While the cake pops are in the freezer, get your dipping chocolate ready. I found that using a tall, somewhat narrow vessel, like a measuring cup, works best. Make sure it is microwave safe!
  7. Place some almond bark and chocolate chips inside (try to do 50/50) and microwave in 10 second intervals until melted, stirring in-between each heating. If your chocolate is too thick, add in some vegetable shortening or coconut oil a little at a time.
  8. When the cake balls are frozen, stick a lollipop stick on top of each, then dip into the chocolate/bark one at a time, placing onto the other prepared cookie sheet as you make them. If you want to put sprinkles or decorations on your cake pops, do it right away as the chocolate hardens quickly!
  9. Once all the cake pops have been covered in chocolate, place in the fridge for an hour to harden the chocolate completely. If desired, place each pop on top of a mini cupcake wrapper before serving. :)
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